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Frequently Asked Questions

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Often times, YES!

Steps to Schedule an Event in a Park:
1) Obtain permission from property owner (city or county parks and recreation department, community center manager, etc.)
2) Ask: Do I need to provide an insurance certificate naming the park as additionally insured?
3) Ask: Can stakes be used on the property? If yes, request a stake-map.
4) Review costs below.
5) Reserve the park and pay fees payable to the park.
6) Reserve bounce house with Froggy Hops and pay fees payable to Froggy Hops.

Costs for an Event in a Park:
• SPECIFIED Delivery Time - $59
• SPECIFIED Pick-Up Time - $59
• Proof of Insurance - FREE
• Additional Insurance (park named on a certificate) - $75
• Set-up using Stakes (must provide a map) - FREE
• Set-up using Sandbags/Weights (if stakes are not allowed) - $40+
• Bounce House Rental Rate - $179+
• Park Rental Fee (payable to county/city)
• Other Possible Fees (payable to county/city)

Details: There is a SPECIFIED Delivery fee for all parks and other public places in which a specific window of time is required for the set-up and take-down times. Note that Froggy Hops is open for reservations 7 days a week, however the earliest delivery window available on a Sunday is 1pm-2pm.

Additionally, the City/County/Property-Owner may require Froggy Hops to show proof of insurance. Froggy Hops will do so for free. Sometimes the City/County/Property-Owner requires an additional insured certificate. There is a $75 fee to purchase this insurance. Froggy Hops will set-up on grass using stakes to safely secure the bounce house to the ground. This set-up is complimentary with any rental. To use stakes at a park, you must provide written permission from the property owner to allow us to do so. This most often comes in the form of a "Staking map" - a visual document demonstrating where stakes are allowed. If stakes are not allowed, you must reserve sandbags to safely secure the bounce house to the ground. The number of sandbags range per inflatable ordered. The fees listed above are payable to Froggy Hops.

Certain cities, counties, or organizations may have additional fees (payable to them) in order for permission to be granted to have a bounce house on their property. Please contact the property owner directly to inquire about permission, their specific fees, and insurance requirements, prior to reserving your inflatable with Froggy Hops.

Locations with limited parking/accessibility may be subject to a convenience fee for delivery whenever parking may be more than 400 feet from the desired set-up location.. This includes, but is not limited to, long hallways or additional doorways, downtown Minneapolis or St Paul, campus deliveries, hotel deliveries, stadium deliveries, or field complexes.

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Policies below are listed for bounce houses, but pertain also for other rental equipment like obstacle courses, tents, tables, and more!
It is Froggy Hops mission to serve its community by providing fun and lasting MEMORIES for children and families through play!