Frequently Asked Questions

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DELIVERY - Common Questions
Q.What cities are included in the FREE delivery area?
A.Froggy Hops delivers to many communities in the Minneapolis and St Paul area of Minnesota for FREE! Click here for a complete list of cities.
Q.When will my bounce house be delivered?

Your bounce house rental will be delivered according to the delivery method you selected at the time of reservation. See options below.

ELITE Delivery (FREE): (Most popular!) Guaranteed day-prior delivery!
VALUE Delivery (FREE): Assigned delivery 0-36 hours before rental time.
CHOICE Delivery ($39+): Same-day delivery. (Event must begin at 11am or later.) Prices range based on date of rental.
SPECIFIED Delivery ($59+): Choose your 90 minute delivery window! Perfect for surprise parties or events at a park! Prices range based on date of rental.

No matter what delivery method you choose, you will receive a text message 1-2 days prior to your reservation with an estimated time of arrival for delivery. Many Renters prefer to be present at the time of delivery, but it is not required. If you will not be home for your assigned delivery time, it is easy to leave a note for our team as to where you would like the equipment set-up (front yard, backyard, facing the house, facing the driveway, etc.). The delivery team will call when they are nearing your location.
Q.When will my bounce house be picked up?

Your bounce house rental will be picked up according to the pick-up method you selected at the time of reservation. See options below.

ELITE Pick-Up (FREE): (Most popular!) Guaranteed day-after pick-up!
VALUE Pick-Up (FREE): Assigned pick-up 0-36 hours after rental time.
CHOICE Pick-Up ($39+): Same-day pick-up. (Event must end by 6pm.) Prices range based on date of rental.
SPECIFIED Pick-Up ($59+): Choose your 90 minute pick-up window! Perfect for events at a park! Prices range based on date of rental.

The pick-up team will call when they are on their way to your location. For outdoor reservations, please ensure all equipment (including extension cords, blowers, etc.) are left obtainable. If you are not going to be home, please remember to leave all equipment outside, gates unlocked, dogs contained, and sprinklers off. For indoor reservations, a pick-up time-window will be communicated to you in advance. Most indoor rentals utilize our Specified pick-up so YOU CHOOSE a 90 minute window for when we arrive!
Q.Can I pick-up the bounce house myself?
A.No. For insurance purposes, all inflatable products are delivered, transported, and set-up by trained staff according to manufacturer's directions.
Q.What is included in a bounce house rental?
A.Most EVERYTHING is included!

• FREE Delivery to most metro communities
• Set-up and take-down on grass or indoors
• Full-day rentals
• 2 FREE overnights (aka EXTRA time!)
• 100 foot extension cord
• Equipment fully cleaned and sanitized
• The BEST customer service
• The ONLY company to offer an option for rain-out refunds
PLACING AN ORDER - Common Questions
Q.How do I reserve a bounce house or other item?
A.TWO WAYS to reserve!

1) Online: You will begin by selecting your date for the rental. Click here to begin. This method is able to be completed in minutes.

2) By Phone: Call 763-670-5311. The same questions will be asked as an online reservation, but you'll talk to a human being.

Upon completion of the bounce house rental reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with receipt.
Q.How long is the bounce house rental for?
A.Enjoy UNLIMITED hours on a single calendar day! Plus, FREE overnights! Froggy Hops offers complimentary day-prior delivery and day-after pick-up for any reservation. Choose your delivery day during check-out.
Q.How do I get FREE overnights with my reservation?

During checkout, you will be requested to choose your delivery method. See options below. Select ELITE Delivery for guaranteed day-prior delivery. The same process will occur for the pick-up granting guaranteed day-after pick-up for FREE!

Delivery Method Choices
ELITE Pick-Up (FREE): (Most popular!) Guaranteed day-after pick-up!
VALUE Pick-Up (FREE): Assigned pick-up 0-36 hours after rental time.
CHOICE Pick-Up ($39+): Same-day pick-up. (Event must end by 6pm.) Prices range based on date of rental.
SPECIFIED Pick-Up ($59+): Choose your 90 minute pick-up window! Perfect for events at a park! Prices range based on date of rental.
Q.Is a deposit required? How and when do I need to pay?
A.A 50% deposit on a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX is required to place a reservation. The balance payment is automatically charged on the same card on the last business day prior to the day of delivery. Cash is not accepted. Froggy Hops does not accept checks; however, alternate payment methods can be arranged for schools, churches, and non-profit organizations. If alternate payment methods have been arranged, full payment by a check is due no later than 7 days prior to the event date.
Q.What is the damage waiver and what does it cover?
A.It is the responsibility of the Renter to return all rental items in the same condition as it was delivered. However, some unforeseen circumstances may cause damage to equipment that is unavoidable (pin-holes from pine cones or rocks, sap leaking on an inflatable or tent from a pine tree, a chipmunk chewing a hole in vinyl, spills from food or bodily fluids, etc.). All rentals are required to pay a 4.5% damage waiver to cover this type of damage. The damage waiver does not cover theft nor intentional damage (silly string, spray paint, tears in seams from over-loading, etc.) nor damage from the unauthorized transport of equipment. The damage waiver is non-refundable.
Q.Do you offer discounts?
A.YES! Absolutely!

Click here for Package Deals on some popular combinations of inflatables. Get discounts when reserving two or more inflatables!

Click here for Competitor Coupon Special. Froggy Hops honors competitor coupons!

Click here for Weekday Specials. Get codes for BOGO, single day, or our Monday thru Thursday special!

Don't see the right combination that you're looking for? Call 763-670-5311 or email for your FREE custom quote!
Q.What if I need to cancel or reschedule my bounce house rental?
A.No problem! We understand!

REFUNDABLE Rain Policy: Exclusively at Froggy Hops, reserve with peace of mind! If the weather forecast calls for rain, you can get a 100% refund if you choose to cancel and have purchased our refundable rain policy. Froggy Hops is the ONLY company in Minnesota to offer rain-out refunds!

Standard Cancellations: Things happen! At Froggy Hops, we understand that plans change. We offer risk-free reservations with the option to cancel up until 24 hours prior to your rental date. The amount that you paid would be issued as a credit for a future reservation.

Click here for full Cancelation Policies.
Q.What if it rains?
A.We would love to be able to order up a blue-sky day, but sometimes The Big Guy upstairs has different plans that we just don't understand. So, here's the straight-up info you need to know: Inflatables cannot be used in the rain and/or lightning. They must be turned off. However, once the rain and lightning stop, it is easy to turn them back on and resume activity (it takes 3-4 minutes for an inflatable to blow back up). Froggy Hops will deliver rain or shine.

REFUNDABLE Rain Policy: Exclusively at Froggy Hops, reserve with peace of mind! Add the refundable rain policy to your order at checkout for only 10% of your rental rate. If the weather forecast calls for rain, you can get a 100% refund if you choose to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Froggy Hops is the ONLY company in Minnesota to offer rain-out refunds!

Click here for full Rain Policies.
Q.Can I order attendants to supervise the equipment?

Attendant Description:  An attendant is a team member that Froggy Hops provides to help monitor inflatables or games at your event!  Having an attendant provides you with the assurance that the inflatables are being used in a safe and fun manner!  Attendants are not included in a typical rental, but can be added on for an additional cost.

Click here for more information about attendants.
SET-UP & LOCATIONS - Common Questions
Q.Do I need to provide electricity?
A.Yes. A standard 20 amp electrical circuit (same as a standard household outlet) must be provided for all inflatable bounce house rentals. Froggy Hops provides a FREE 100 foot outdoor extension cord allowing set-up to be almost anywhere in your yard! If a further distance is required, be sure to contact our office. A 5500 watt generator (or larger) can be used as an alternate electrical source. The Renter is responsible for providing adequate electricity at the desired location.
Q.Can rental equipment be transported up or down stairs?
Often times, YES!

Included for FREE, Froggy Hops will transport rental equipment up to a maximum of 3 stairs. Although it is helpful if a Renter communicates this need in advance, no extra action is required for 3 or fewer stairs.

If more than 3 stairs are required to transport rental equipment to the event location, we can still likely accomodate! This is an amazing service we offer to all of our customers! At the little cost of $3/stair/inflatable or tent, qualified staffing will be provided when ordered 7 or more days in advance!  If transporting up or down stairs is ordered less than 7 days in advance, the fee of $5/stair/inflatable or tent will be charged to the card on file as long as qualified staffing can be secured.

Transportation up or down more than 3 stairs must be reserved at least 7 days in advance to guarantee availability of qualified staffing.
Q.How big is a bounce house? Will it fit in my yard?
A.All dimensions are available on our website. The easiest way to determine if there is enough space is to grab a tape measure and measure your yard. Remember to look vertically for tree branches, overhead lines, etc. You'll need a relatively flat area with 6 feet of clearance by entrances, exits, and from overhead lines.
Q.Can the bounce house be set-up on my driveway or on a parking lot?
A.Most of the time, YES!

Froggy Hops can set-up almost any inflatable on asphalt or concrete. We cannot set-up on gravel or loose rock of any kind. The area must be clean and swept with no rough patches, broken glass, parked vehicles, etc. Froggy Hops will place tarps beneath the bounce house, safely secure it to the ground with sandbags, and provide impact mats around the entrances and exits. There is a small fee for this service.

Exception: For safety reasons, any inflatable using water cannot be set-up on hard surfaces. Water slides and wet/dry combos must be set-up on grass ONLY and adhere to our clearance policies. Entrances and exits must be at least 6 feet from any other surface.

You will be prompted to select your set-up surface during an online reservation.
Q.Can the bounce house be set-up indoors?
A.Often times, YES!

Froggy Hops can set-up almost any inflatable inside a school, church, or other large building. We cannot set-up inside a typical residential home.

Successful Indoor Delivery Requirements:
• Space available (including vertically).
• Ground level set-up (we are not able to transport up or down stairs or in an elevator)
• Double-door (without a center bar) or entry with at least a 42 inch width.
• Planned route from entrance to set-up location (at least 42 inch wide at all places).
• Remove all snow and ice from sidewalks and pathways to the door prior to our team's arrival.
Q.Can I have a bounce house at a park?
A.Often times, YES!

Steps to Schedule an Event in a Park:
1) Obtain permission from property owner (city or county parks and recreation department, community center manager, etc.)
2) Ask: Do I need to provide an insurance certificate naming the park as additionally insured?
3) Ask: Can stakes be used on the property? If yes, request a stake-map.
4) Review costs below.
5) Reserve the park and pay fees payable to the park.
6) Reserve bounce house with Froggy Hops and pay fees payable to Froggy Hops.

Costs for an Event in a Park:
• Park Planning Fee - $100
• SPECIFIED Delivery Time based on date - $59-$199
• SPECIFIED Pick-Up Time based on date - $59-$199
• Proof of Insurance - FREE
• Additional Insurance (park named on a certificate) - $75
• Set-up using Stakes (must provide a map) - FREE
• Set-up using Sandbags/Weights (if stakes are not allowed) - $40+
• Bounce House Rental Rate - $179+
• Park Rental Fee (payable to county/city)
• Other Possible Fees (payable to county/city)

Details: There is a SPECIFIED Delivery/Pick-up fee for all parks and other public places in which a specific window of time is required for the set-up and take-down times. Note that Froggy Hops is open for reservations 7 days a week, however the earliest delivery window available on a Sunday is 12:30pm-2pm. To avoid extra fees, the Renter must be present at the park upon the arrival of the team and must stay with the equipment until the pick-up team arrives.

Additionally, the City/County/Property-Owner may require Froggy Hops to show proof of insurance. Froggy Hops will do so for free. Sometimes the City/County/Property-Owner requires an additional insured certificate. There is a $75 fee to purchase this insurance. Froggy Hops will set-up on grass using stakes to safely secure the bounce house to the ground. This set-up is complimentary with any rental. To use stakes at a park, you must provide written permission from the property owner to allow us to do so. This most often comes in the form of a "Staking map" - a visual document demonstrating where stakes are allowed. If stakes are not allowed, you must reserve sandbags to safely secure the bounce house to the ground. The number of sandbags range per inflatable ordered. The fees listed above are payable to Froggy Hops.

Certain cities, counties, or organizations may have additional fees (payable to them) in order for permission to be granted to have a bounce house on their property. Please contact the property owner directly to inquire about permission, their specific fees, and insurance requirements, prior to reserving your inflatable with Froggy Hops.

Locations with limited parking/accessibility may be subject to a convenience fee for delivery whenever parking may be more than 400 feet from the desired set-up location.. This includes, but is not limited to, long hallways or additional doorways, downtown Minneapolis or St Paul, campus deliveries, hotel deliveries, stadium deliveries, or field complexes.
Q.Are the inflatables clean?

Froggy Hops takes pride in delivering only the best! Every inflatable is cleaned in-between each rental.
FROGGY HOPS - Common Questions
Q.Is Froggy Hops open on Sundays?
A.YES!.... and no.

Froggy Hops is open 7 days a week for reservations! In in effort to support our team, our management, and our Renter's ability to attend church services, Froggy Hops teams do not work on Sunday mornings. Most reservations on Sundays are delivered on Saturday and many reservations on Saturdays are not picked up until Sunday afternoon. Extra time is ALWAYS complimentary!

Events in parks: If your event is hosted in a park on a Sunday, the earliest time to schedule a delivery would be between 12:30pm and 2pm.
Q.Does Froggy Hops sponsor charitable events?

Froggy Hops is proud to support local charities; serving our community is part of our mission! Please feel free to contact us via email at to inquire about donations of gift cards to silent auctions or discounts on rentals for a charitable event.

Are you hosting a charitable event and you think a bounce house would be a perfect thing during the event itself? Click here for an application.
Q.Does Froggy Hops have insurance?

Included in your Rental: Froggy Hops is a fully insured company. Proof of this insurance is free upon request for any Renter with a completed reservation. This insurance meets specifications for rentals at a residential, church, school, business, non-profit, and most other locations.

Additional Insurance Certificates: Some city, county, or state parks require an Additionally Insured Certificate in order to allow an inflatable on their property. Froggy Hops can provide this insurance certificate up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and list the appropriate "Holder" and "Holder Address" on the certificate. There is a $75 fee to order this insurance certificate.
Q.Is Froggy Hops hiring team members?

We are currently accepting applications to join our team! Click here for position descriptions. We would LOVE to hear from you!

Froggy Hops screens all applicants though references, personal background checks, and an MVR before being considered for employment.

Policies above are listed for bounce houses, but pertain also for other rental equipment like obstacle courses, tents, tables, and more!
It is Froggy Hops mission to serve its community by providing fun and lasting MEMORIES for children and families through play!

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