Sandbags and Mats

Sandbags and Mats


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DescriptionEnjoy the convenience of having your bounce house installed directly on aphalt or concrete!  Froggy Hops will ALWAYS secure every inflatable safely to the ground - even on these alternate set-up surfaces!  We do so through the use of specifically designed sandbags.  Additionally, Froggy Hops will surround the entrances and exits of an inflatable with impact mats to help prevent those stubbed toes and skinned knees.  When ordering for an event with ALL bounce houses or other inflatables within an order are to be installed on asphalt or concrete, the required sandbags and mats will be provided and do not need to be added to the cart.  (This is done on the "Event Info" page of an online reservation.  A Renter would select "Asphalt or Concrete" for the set-up surface to have the correct number of sandbags automatically added to the order.)  When hosting an event in which some equipment is setup on grass and other equipment is setup on asphalt, sandbags and mats must be added to the order for the equipment on asphalt only.  Froggy Hops reserves the right to determine the number of sandbags.  A typical bounce house requires 8 sandbags.


  • Convenience of Alternate Set-Up Surfaces
  • Safely Secured to the Ground
  • Impact Mats Surround Entrances and Exits
  • Bright and Colorful
  • Transportation and Installation Included with Rental

This inflatable is setup on asphalt and safely secured to the ground with sandbags

Bounce house exit surrounded by mats for safety

Inflatables setup on asphalt surface for large event

Toddler combo inflatable setup in parking lot and safely secured

Froggy Hops team setting up with sandbags on asphalt surface



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