High Voltage Wrecking Ball - 4 Person Challenge

High Voltage Wrecking Ball - 4 Person Challenge


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Setup Area: A flat area with 6 feet of clearance by entrance,
exit, and overhead lines.

Actual Size: 25'L x 25'W x 16'H

Outlets: One electrical outlet required.
(100 foot extension cord provided for FREE!)

Rental Rate: This price varies based on date of rental.


Features of the High Voltage Wrecking Ball:

  • Popular High Voltage Color Theme
  • 4 Participant Arena
  • Inflatable Arch Entrance
  • Inflatable Safety Landing Area
  • 4 Balance Platforms
  • Leather Headgear Helmets Provided
  • GIANT Foam Boulder (Wrecking Ball)
  • Circular Inflatable Safety Side Walls
  • Combined Total Weight of Participants Not to Exceed 600 lbs

WARNING: The High Voltage Wrecking Ball brings a new level of competition in inflatable games! Perfect for graduation parties, fundraisers or corporate events, the inflatable wrecking ball challenge gives an opportunity for older kids and adults to join in on the fun!  To prepare for the challenge, four opponents put on their protective armour (a leather headgear helmet).  The High Voltage Wrecking Ball features an inflatable arch entrance ramp that makes entry into the arena safe and easy.  Once in the arena, there are four balance platforms and a GIANT wrecking ball that looms from above.  Viewers get a good laugh just watching Participants try to balance on the platforms even before the activity starts!  Once all Players are on the platforms, the game can begin!  The four opponents try to knock down their competition with the GIANT foam boulder (wrecking ball) while trying to keep their balance at the same time.  The wrecking ball is made of 100% pure high-density foam and wrapped in soft vinyl to provide a sturdy, but soft, impact.  The wrecking ball equipment is free from any rigid surfaces, providing a smooth and safe battle.  Once an opponent falls into the inflatable arena, he or she is kept on the interior of the inflatable by the circular safety wall.  At 25 feet in diameter, the arena has plenty of space for safe landing for even the tallest of competitors!  The High Voltage Wrecking Ball provides hours of fun competition for the participants and the viewers!



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