Giant Connect 4 Game

Giant Connect 4 Game


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Actual Size: 4' L x 2.5' W x 4' H

Outlets: No electricity required.


Features of the Giant Connect 4 Game:

  • 4' Tall Over-Sized Game Board
  • Classic Primary Color Design
  • Great for Kids and Adults
  • Convenient Built-In Ring Holders for Easy Organization
  • Easy-to-Use Game Reset Mechanism
  • Indoor or Outdoor 

Giant Connect 4 game at city festival

Adults playing Giant Connect 4 game at party

Girls playing giant connect 4 game at the beach

Classic and Fun! Whether you are playing with just 2 players or larger teams, this colorful Connect-4 game is super-sized to match the fun at your event!  To win:  Join the green or the yellow team to be the first to get 4 in a row!  Teams alternate turns by placing one of their brightly colored rings into one of the easy-to-reach inserts at the top of a column. Each ring that fills the game board increases the excitement of the teams!  Connected to the game are convenient built-in ring holders for easy organization and distribution.  Along the bottom of the game board is an easy-to-use game reset mechanism to allow for quick turn-around times inbetween competitions.   The Giant Connect 4 game is a a great party game for both kids and adults!

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