Baseball Challenge Game

Baseball Challenge Game


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Setup Area: A flat area with 6 feet of clearance by entrance,
exit, and overhead lines.

Actual Size: 14'L x 9'W x 12'H

Outlets: One electrical outlet required.
(100 foot extension cord provided for FREE!)

Rental Rate: This price varies based on date of rental.

DescriptionBatter Up!  The Baseball Challenge Game offers playful fun for all ages!  Each Participant starts on-deck with several soft inflatable baseballs and soft-impact bat.  Balls are kept neatly stored in two netted areas at the front of the game to offer easy access and organization.  The Batter (or Coach) grabs one of the baseballs and sets it slightly above the air-flow coming from the inflatable cone in the front of the game.  The baseball floats and moves creating a challenging moving target for the Batter!  The Batter swings the bat and tries to hit the ball into one of the six holes of The Baseball Challenge Game.  Each hole is labeled with a point value to create fun competition!  Upon hitting all the inflatable balls, the Participant can easily gather the balls back into the net as they roll down the front of The Baseball Challange Game.  The inflatable game rental is perfect for school carnivals, Little League event days, company parties and more!


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