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86' Hop N' Rock Tropical Obstacle Course

86' Hop N' Rock Tropical Obstacle Course

    • Actual Size: 38'L x 16'W x 14'H
    • Setup Area: A flat area with 6 feet of clearance by entrance,
      exit, and overhead lines.
    • Outlets: Two electrical outlets required.
      (Two 100 foot extension cords provided for FREE!)
    • Rental Rate: This price varies based on date of rental.

    • $629.00
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Features of the 86' Hop N' Rock Tropical Obstacle Course:

  • Over 86 Feet of Obstacles
  • Fun Tropical Design
  • Themed for Boys and Girls
  • Fit for Ages 3-102
  • Inflatable Wall Climb
  • 10' Tall Slide
  • Vertical Inflatable Pop-Ups
  • Horizontal Inflatable Pop-Ups
  • Bonus 2nd Climbing Wall
  • 3 Wipe-Out style GIANT inflatable balls
  • Side Windows with Safety Netting
  • Soft Inflatable Landing surrounding Hop N' Rock Balls
  • Safety Netting on top of Slide
  • Staggered Hand and Foot Climbing Grips
  • Rock-Wall Style Climbing
  • Non-Wax Slippery Slide Surface
  • Inflatable Safety Exit Ramp
  • Fast-Moving Lines
  • Combined Total Weight of Participants Not to Exceed 600 lbs

Hop and Rock obstacle course entrance and exit


Climbing wall inside tropical inflatable obstacle course


Young girl on tropical inflatable obstacle course


Inflatable pop-up obstacles within Tropical Hop N' Rock Obstacle Course


Obstacle course slide and inflatable challenges


Climbing challenge to ball hop obstacles inside obstacle course rental


Giant inflatable ball challenge inside Hop N' Rock Obstacle Course


Top of climbing wall to giant wipe-out style ball hop challenge



Wipe-out style ball hop challenge


Participant ready to jump to wipe-out balls on inflatable obstacle course rental


Participant jumping to giant inflatable ball inside obstacle course rental


Giant inflatable ball challenge inside obstacle course bouncy house



End of obstacle course where successful participants exit


Like the "Wipe Out" game as seen on TV?  Try our Hop N' Rock Tropical Obstacle Course!  Lasting a full 86 feet long, it is the ultimate challenge for your coordination and reflexes.  Start with a wall climb and then hit the slide going down.  At the bottom of the slide, Participants crash into several inflatable pop-ups that make even standing a challenge!  Then brave through the horizontal shark-teeth.  But it is not finished yet!  Just ahead of Participants is a second climibing wall leading to the ultimate challenge of jmping through three giant Hop N' Rock inflatable balls.  With the slippery vinyl surface and inflatable bounciness, it gives you no chance of staying still!  Your instant body coordination and reflexes are the key to success!  Can you make it across?  Probably not.... at least not on your first try!  But don't worry - The Wipe-Out style game is completely surrounded in safety netting and a soft inflatable floor for landing.