Blue Crush Water Slide Rental | Minneapolis MN.

16' Blue Crush Water Slide

16' Blue Crush Water Slide

    • Actual Size: 24'L x 12'W x 16'H
    • Setup Area: A flat area with 6 feet of clearance by entrance,
      exit, and overhead lines.
    • Outlets: One electrical outlet required.
      (100 foot extension cord provided for FREE!)
    • Rental Rate: This price varies based on date of rental.

    • $399.00
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Features of the 16' Blue Crush Water Slide:

  • 16 Feet Tall
  • Tropical Island Design
  • Themed for Boys and Girls
  • Front Entrance and Exit
  • Inflatable Safety Side Walls
  • Easy-to Grab Climbing Belts
  • Easy-to-Handle Ladder Steps
  • Safety Netting
  • Soaker Hose Included
  • Water Fall Drips for Constant Water on Slide
  • Protective Sun Shades
  • Smooth-Drop Slide
  • 1.5 Foot Deep Pool at Bottom of Slide
  • No-Exit for Re-Entry
  • Renter Provides Garden Hose
  • Combined Total Weight of Participants Not to Exceed 500 lbs

Giant Water Slide Rental is as tall as house


Water Slide rental with palm trees


Blue Crush Water Slide Rental has easy-climb stairs to the top


Easy-climb Stairs leading to the top of the Blue Crush Water Slide Rental


Water slide rental with tropical theme


Water fall on top of slide rental with kids


Water fall sprays Water Slide to keep wet constantly


Water Slide rental has safety netting to keep kids safe at the top


Blue Crush Water Slide Rental

This 16 foot tall blow-up water slide rental is a must-have for a summer bucket list!  Standing SIXTEEN feet high and ready for thrill-rides, it is the perfect inflatable to astound your children and stay within your budget! To jump right into the fun, the Blue Crush Water Slide has a front entrance for easy viewing and supervision.  There are side walls surrounding the entrance and exit areas to contain the most ambitious kids and keep them from falling out.  There are easy-to-grab climbing belts that help the younger (and older) participants as they ascend to new heights on the climbing wall's ladder-style steps.  The safety net at the top of the slide area provides protective sun shade for the participants and keeps ambitious kids inside the slide even at the top-most heights.  At the top of the slide landing, children are greeted with a friendly waterfall trickling over the slide that keeps the slide wet at all times ensuring that the slide is fast and prevents screeching and burning sensations.  This water fall is created by a soaker hose that is attached at the end of the Renter's garden hose.  The soaker hose attachment is included in your rental.  After daring the waterfall, particpants slide straight down the smooth-drop slide and excitedly splash into the pool area! The slide is covered in a non-wax slippery slide surface that ensures the climbers have a quick and smooth descent down!  The pool area fills as the water runs down the slide until the water accumilates into a 1.5 foot deep pool for landing.  Riders do not need to exit the landing area to re-enter the climbing wall, which helps keep the slide and water free from dirt and grass. The Blue Crush Water Slide is such a thrill-ride that it will motivate participants to turn around and climb right back up to do it again! This is NOT your neighbor's water slide!  (Note:  This slide can be intimidating for children 6 years and younger.)